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Saw this picture on my Instagram and found it to be quite profound, I further found this quote to tee reinforce the picture above…
“You should date a boy with money. Date a boy who doesn’t have a shrimp dick. Date a boy who spends his money on diamond jewelry instead of video games. Ask for a tiara on your second date. Date a boy with a car. Date a boy who had a personal butler when he was born. Date a boy with shitty grades and good looks. Date a boy you can easily manipulate. Date a boy who shops in Paris and dines in Hong Kong. Spend every weekend in a new city. Date a boy with a gold jacuzzi in his villa. Date a boy who has excellent health insurance. Date a boy who can cater to your every whim. Date a boy with money. ” -Mahatma Gandhi
I feel as if these two things combined are the reason why I don’t get into relationships. I don’t find anyone worthy. Yes, very pretentious of me to say but it’s true, I really am too good for the boys in my town. All of them are just that…boys. They have absolutely nothing to provide for me besides their bodies. And oh how I would love to exploit their bodies but at the same time I don’t want to give them bragging rights. I don’t want them to have the ability to say “yea, I banged Citrine.”
Conflicted. My mind is conflicted. I want to live the life of decadence and luxury, become a millionaire on my own accord but I also want to fall in love. Yes, I am selfish. I want it all. Not to sound cocky but there are dozens of willing boys that are dying to date me, to have the right to call me their girl but I am just not interested.
Almost all my close friends have boyfriends (one just got out of a relationship), and I am already feeling the wrath of the “coupled up ones”. They go on couples only dinners, and go together as couples and I get it. They don’t want a sexy, confident, SINGLE, chick in the room because they know DAMN well that their man is looking. The jealously is real and it is a little fucked up. Just because I don’t want the conventional bf/gf doesn’t mean that I don’t want feelings. I don’t want to be punished for not being in a stereotypical relationship.
All in all, it’s not bother to me. Boyfriends ain’t shit to me but johns and tricks. A man has done NOTHING for you until he gives you a ring. Real talk. I can’t even tell ya’ll how many dudes I know who have live in girlfriends for over 3 years but still didn’t propose. Men suck like that. This is why I don’t waste my time. I tell all guys who are trying to talk to me, “Prove to me that you are worth my time, if not then I’ll just say hi to you here and there.” If he can’t provide for you, that is not a real man, that’s a boy. If all he brings to the table is his dick, he is not a man.
I don’t give a fuck if I have been single most of my life, I will never settle for less than what I deserve. 

This is me.

Amen. ✊

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